RESTful Services with Delphi [Video]

RESTful Services with Delphi

RESTful Services with Delphi [Video]

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RESTful Services with Delphi [Video]: Create RESTFul services with the power of Delphi IDE to solve a practical business problem

Nowadays, most web services work as RESTFul services. Enterprise systems are shifting towards micro-systems. With a RESTFul service, we usually have client applications operating on various platforms. At present, only one tool is capable of a building a RESTFul web service along with the client’s applications using a single code base—an that’s Delphi!

  • Design a Windows desktop application using Visual Component Library (VCL)
  • Code an Android application with FireMonkey (FMX)
  • Build a RESTful application on DataSnap with WebBroker
  • Work with data sources and embedded SQL Databases: FireDAC and dbExpress
  • Know how to solve a complex business problem of courier services

In this course, you’ll learn to use the Delphi IDE to construct a complete system. We’ll show you how to create Server, Android, and Windows clients in a fast and efficient way. You’ll learn to code VCL applications and work with embedded SQL databases. You’ll also develop a RESTful application based on DataSnap technology with WebBroker. Finally, you’ll build a complete courier software system using Delphi with a single codebase. This course assumes prior basic knowledge of the Delphi programming language and its IDE, together with basic knowledge of SQL.


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