Python Automation for Everyone [Video]

Python Automation for Everyone

Python Automation for Everyone [Video]

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Python Automation for Everyone [Video]: Strengthen your command over Python through practical applications

Python programming, apart from being immensely popular, also serves as one of the best medium to get good grasp of algorithms, data structure, and analytical thinking.

This course begins by introducing to you the basic functionalities of Python programming before delving deep into the detailed explanation of core fundamentals. Once you grasp the basics, you will build and implement scalable automation scripts. As you progress through the sections, you will develop the ability to leverage Python’s inbuilt data structures in your programs. You will also cover creating Python scripts both in Jupyter notebook and Python console.

  • Learn Python from scratch (no prior experience required)
  • Design and Implement scalable automation solutions using Python
  • Ability to use Python’s inbuilt data structures in your programs
  • Install Python and use both Python Console & Jupyter notebook for creating Python Scripts
  • Build solutions for complex logical tasks
  • Improve work efficiency

By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to write efficient Python scripts confidently and in a much lesser time period.

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