Lightweight Kubernetes with K3s [Video]

Lightweight Kubernetes with K3s

Lightweight Kubernetes with K3s [Video]

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Lightweight Kubernetes with K3s [Video]: Deploy apps to Raspberry Pi devices using lightweight k3s

Lightweight Kubernetes k3s is designed for edge computing, IoT, CI, and ARM. If you’re working with something as small as a Raspberry Pi, k3s allows you to use Kubernetes for production workloads. k3s simplifies the operations, reducing the dependencies and the steps needed to run a production Kubernetes cluster.

  • Create highly available Kubernetes clusters in Google Cloud
  • Build a CI/CD solution to deploy the cloud-native application using Google Cloud services such as Cloud Build, Cloud Source Repositories, and more
  • Leverage DevOps techniques and processes such as Infrastructure as Code, and automation
  • Learn about the latest Google Cloud services and DevOps practices used to deploy modern applications in a cloud-native environment
  • Create an end-to-end continuous delivery workflow for your deployment
  • Learn to use Google Cloud services such as Cloud Functions, Google Kubernetes Engine, and more

In this course, you will learn about k3s; why k3s is needed; its real-world applications; what you need to run k3s on the edge; how you can develop an operational model for single-node and clustered edge environments using k3s; and also how to manage hundreds of micro-clusters using k3s. You will learn about the practical use cases for which we need to apply the implementation of a lightweight framework that can be used to make development easier and more efficient.


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