Learning the FOSS4G Stack: Python for Geospatial [Video]

Learning the FOSS4G Stack: Python for Geospatial

Learning the FOSS4G Stack: Python for Geospatial [Video]

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Learning the FOSS4G Stack: Python for Geospatial [Video]: Leverage geospatial tasks with Python programming

If you work in the field of GIS, you’ve probably heard everyone talking about Python, whether it’s Arcpy in ArcGIS or special Python packages for geocoding. In this course, you’ll learn how to write Python code to perform spatial analysis. The course focuses primarily on integrating different spatial libraries within your Python code. With the help of videos, you’ll see how you can solve spatial problems by blending Python code with various packages.

  • Understand how to write basic Python scripts
  • Integrate Python packages that have GIS functionality
  • Discover how to integrate SQL, PostGIS, and SpatiaLite

The course will provide a brief overview of Python and then delve into using Python with open source GIS and commercial GIS software. While most courses only cover a single GIS program’s use of Python, this one takes you through all of the different GIS software products and guides you in tying them together with Python.


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