Hands-On React Applications with React Hooks [Video]

Hands-On React Applications with React Hooks

Hands-On React Applications with React Hooks [Video]

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Hands-On React Applications with React Hooks [Video]: Easily adopt React Hooks for a more productive, maintainable, and cleaner React with a much flatter learning curve

Hooks are a new feature and let you use state and other React features without writing a class. Hooks (also called React Hooks) are available from the v16.8.0 React release and are backward-compatible.

This course will help you get up-and-running with the latest feature that all React and non-React users are talking about: React Hooks. You’ll learn how to use them in a practical way while building a React application. Then you’ll learn how to break down complex components into smaller functions with the help of Hooks. You’ll access state and lifecycle Hooks in a React function component. We cover the different Hooks available and you’ll see how to create your own custom Hooks. We’ll also cover the rules that govern using Hooks in your applications and their advantages.

  • Understand why the adoption of React Hooks will be so beneficial to your React development
  • Learn how React Hooks, far from causing any disruption, can easily be adapted as an opt-in and backward-compatible feature for existing apps
  • See how to avoid unwieldy hierarchies in your React projects
  • Break new ground in sharing and reusing state and side-effect logic wherever needed
  • Discover that Hooks will make newcomers (and even experienced developers) feel much more productive and efficient; they will face challenges with greater confidence after completing this course

By the end of the course, you’ll be confident enough to use React Hooks to simplify the way you write your React code.


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