Hands-on Microservices with Go and MongoDB [Video]

Hands-on Microservices with Go and MongoDB

Hands-on Microservices with Go and MongoDB [Video]

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Hands-on Microservices with Go and MongoDB [Video]: Highly scalable and performant microservices using Go and MongoDB

How do you build a service-oriented architecture, using microservices system that should not only be scalable with high performance but also handle frequently changing features? This is a real-world problem and it’s important that you empower yourself with the knowledge, tools, and skills today, so that you can build these systems with confidence!

This course dissects the real-world problem into various aspects for understanding the data models, large-scale request processing, communication strategies, securing the system, and even testing. It will help you with all the knowledge needed to build scalable, extensible, and highly performant and future-proof systems that will make you proud of your work! We shall use a real-world example of managing a large number of events from wearable devices to showcase all the aspects of a performant system.

  • Build scalable and extensible microservices using Go and MongoDB
  • Discover ideas about when to use microservices and how to design them to be scalable and more rigorous tested
  • Benefit from real-world examples that you can relate to so that you can choose the right tool and the right knowledge to do things right!
  • Learn when to use a single datastore across microservices and when to keep data exclusive to each microservice
  • Build microservices that can be easily tested using Go

By the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge and tools to build a scalable and extensible service-oriented system.


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