Hands-on Kubernetes Native Serverless Development [Video]

Hands-on Kubernetes Native Serverless Development

Hands-on Kubernetes Native Serverless Development [Video]

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Hands-on Kubernetes Native Serverless Development [Video]: Create and manage serverless functions with Kubeless (Kubernetes + Serverless)

Kubeless (Kubernetes + Serverless) is a Kubernetes-native serverless framework used to deploy functions encapsulating infrastructure underneath. It adds the capabilities of serverless computing to the Kubernetes to upload your code to the cloud provider without worrying about internals.

This course will help you get up and running to build your own serverless application in Kubernetes with Kubeless. Firstly you will learn to set up Kubeless and leverage runtimes for your Kubernetes deployment. Once you have that set up you will learn to monitor and troubleshoot your Serverless functions running on K8s. Then you will add support for auto-scaling and API routing. Also you will learn to leverage Docker for solving the cold start problem of your FAAS. Finally, you will leverage the Kubernetes dashboard to deploy containerized applications to a Kubernetes cluster that is running in the cloud.

By the end of the course, you will be confident in creating, running, and managing serverless functions on Kubernetes infrastructure with Kubeless framework. This practical course will also give you the ability to create and deploy lambda functions as a service to any cloud provider with ease.

  • Install and deploy Kubeless framework and understand the different runtimes that already exist and are pre-installed
  • Discover how to trigger a Kubeless function following a certain schedule
  • Monitor a website for availability sending regularly a request and collecting responses
  • Explore how the function can be defined as a Kubernetes resource or integrated into the Docker image to improve cold start
  • Optimize existing runtime images for your use case by installing additional dependencies and packages
  • Deploy Functions using Kubeless
  • Leverage autoscaling using Kubeless to trigger the function execution
  • Use Kubernetes dashboard with Kubeless

Please note that prior knowledge of the working of Kubernetes is assumed.


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