Hands-On Kotlin Web Development with Ktor [Video]

Hands-On Kotlin Web Development with Ktor

Hands-On Kotlin Web Development with Ktor [Video]

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Hands-On Kotlin Web Development with Ktor [Video]: Build web apps quickly and with less effort using Kotlin and Ktor

Ktor is a Kotlin-specific framework for building asynchronous client- and server-side web applications. It is one of the most widely-adopted and supported alternatives to Java for Android app development. Ktor has gained massive popularity remarkably quickly, and you’ll rapidly create connected applications in Kotlin with minimal effort.

This course provides hands-on training in a practical and engaging way to get you started building an end-to-end web application using Kotlin’s popular framework, Ktor. You will begin by swiftly covering Kotlin and Ktor basics (for this, you’ll benefit from some basic knowledge of Kotlin before starting this course).

You’ll cover setting up your project – which will be full-stack (client and server) – and create your web application in the Ktor framework using Kotlin as your language. You’ll cover some important Ktor features and solutions, and will cover routing and HTML Builder. You’ll also run your configured application and test it.

  • Understand the Ktor lifecycle, and how to install and configure Ktor features
  • Implement a JSON typesafe backend based on Ktor features
  • Organize your code in routes and in multiple Kotlin files
  • How to use path variables and request variables in endpoint implementation
  • Create multiple versions of your endpoints (to return different formats)
  • Error handling in your Ktor application with the Status Pages feature
  • Master authentication and test Ktor routes with unit tests
  • Master basic HTML and CSS DSL and deploy backends with Docker

By the end of the course, you will have learned how to build web applications with Kotlin using the Ktor framework.


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