Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms in Rust [Video]

Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms in Rust

Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms in Rust [Video]

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Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms in Rust [Video]: Learn about common and useful Data Structures and Algorithms

Rust is a modern systems programming language designed with safety to simplify the development of large, complex software projects. Data structure and Algorithms are key to help in the collection and organization of the data for performing operations on the data and set instructions/logic to accomplish tasks in these projects. This course will be your guide for implementing classic data structures and algorithms in Rust, helping you to get up and running as a confident Rust programmer.

You will begin with a primer to Rust and its syntax. You will then explore the language of Time and Memory complexity by comparing different sorting methods. You’ll then learn about Lists and Binary Trees, implement them, and compare them, to show the advantages and use cases of each. Next, you will cover different algorithms in-depth such as sorting, graph, dynamic programming, greedy, divide and conquer, and more. You will learn how counterintuitive techniques can actually make it easier to build scalable projects!

  • How Rust can help you keep your memory access safe and effective
  • How we can use Rust to build Generic Algorithms that we can use again and again across our codebase
  • Greedy, dynamic, and Iterative algorithms and when to use them
  • Different data structures such as Maps, Trees, and Linked lists, and when it is appropriate to use them.
  • Why and how an Entity Component System separates the different parts of the object into different storage areas
  • How we can build files that work like simple databases using BTrees
  • How we can run our programs even faster-using Multithreading

By the end of the course, you will have a sound knowledge of the key data structures and algorithms in Rust to confidently implement them in your applications.

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