GUI Automation Using Python [Video]

GUI Automation Using Python

GUI Automation Using Python [Video]

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GUI Automation Using Python [Video]: Automate any GUI using ultra efficient Python scripting

GUI Automation is the vital support tool for automated testing, screen scraping, automated data entry, content migration, and application integration.

The first part of the course explains to you the significance and purpose of GUI automation and teaches you how to create a virtual machine in AWS. You will dive deep into the core concepts of GUI automation including mouse event functions, keyboard control functions, and browser automation using PyAutoGUI. In the concluding sections, you will get acquainted with web scrapping and selenium web driver.

  • Identify and automate the manual GUI related tasks
  • Use automation for replacing manual activities at work using Python
  • Automate day to day task using simple Python scripting
  • Design and implement scalable automation solutions using Python
  • Use PyAutoGUI Locate by image
  • Install Selenium and begin with writing scripts

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills you need to tackle various problems related to your GUI automation and be able to implement effective Python scripting solutions to achieve the best results.

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