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Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow, 3rd Edition 0

Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow, 3rd Edition

eBook Details: Paperback: 850 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook; 3rd edition (November 15, 2022) Language: English ISBN-10: 1098125975 ISBN-13: 978-1098125974 eBook Description: Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems, 3rd Edition Through a recent series of breakthroughs, deep learning has boosted the entire field of machine learning. Now, even programmers who know close to nothing about this technology can use simple, efficient tools to implement programs capable of learning from data. This bestselling book uses concrete examples, minimal theory, and production-ready Python frameworks (Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow) to help you gain an intuitive understanding of the concepts and...

Machine Learning Techniques for Text 0

Machine Learning Techniques for Text

eBook Details: Paperback: 448 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (October 31, 2022) Language: English ISBN-10: 1803242388 ISBN-13: 978-1803242385 eBook Description: Machine Learning Techniques for Text: Take your Python text processing skills to another level by learning about the latest natural language processing and machine learning techniques with this full color guide With the ever-increasing demand for machine learning and programming professionals, it’s prime time to invest in the field. This book will help you in this endeavor, focusing specifically on text data and human language by steering a middle path among the various textbooks that present complicated theoretical concepts or focus disproportionately on Python code. A good...

3D Deep Learning with Python 0

3D Deep Learning with Python

eBook Details: Paperback: 236 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (October 31, 2022) Language: English ISBN-10: 1803247827 ISBN-13: 978-1803247823 eBook Description: 3D Deep Learning with Python: Visualize and build deep learning models with 3D data using PyTorch3D and other Python frameworks to conquer real-world application challenges with ease With this hands-on guide to 3D deep learning, developers working with 3D computer vision will be able to put their knowledge to work and get up and running in no time. Complete with step-by-step explanations of essential concepts and practical examples, this book lets you explore and gain a thorough understanding of state-of-the-art 3D deep learning. You’ll see how to use PyTorch3D...

Data Storytelling with Google Data Studio 0

Data Storytelling with Google Data Studio

eBook Details: Paperback: 464 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (October 27, 2022) Language: English ISBN-10: 1800568762 ISBN-13: 978-1800568761 eBook Description: Data Storytelling with Google Data Studio: Apply data storytelling concepts and analytical thinking to create dashboards and reports in Google Data Studio to aid data-driven decision making Presenting data visually makes it easier for organizations and individuals to interpret and analyze information. Google Data Studio is an easy-to-use, collaborative tool that enables you to transform your data into engaging visualizations. This allows you to build and share dashboards that help monitor key performance indicators, identify patterns, and generate insights to ultimately drive decisions and actions. Data Storytelling with...

Accelerate Deep Learning Workloads with Amazon SageMaker 0

Accelerate Deep Learning Workloads with Amazon SageMaker

eBook Details: Paperback: 278 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (October 28, 2022) Language: English ISBN-10: 1801816441 ISBN-13: 978-1801816441 eBook Description: Accelerate Deep Learning Workloads with Amazon SageMaker: Plan and design model serving infrastructure to run and troubleshoot distributed deep learning training jobs for improved model performance Over the past 10 years, deep learning has grown from being an academic research field to seeing wide-scale adoption across multiple industries. Deep learning models demonstrate excellent results on a wide range of practical tasks, underpinning emerging fields such as virtual assistants, autonomous driving, and robotics. In this book, you will learn about the practical aspects of designing, building, and optimizing...

Architecting Solutions with SAP Business Technology Platform 0

Architecting Solutions with SAP Business Technology Platform

eBook Details: Paperback: 432 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (October 28, 2022) Language: English ISBN-10: 1801075670 ISBN-13: 978-1801075671 eBook Description: Architecting Solutions with SAP Business Technology Platform: A practical handbook packed with expert advice on architectural considerations for designing solutions using SAP BTP to drive digital innovation SAP BTP is the foundation of SAP’s intelligent and sustainable enterprise vision for its customers. It’s efficient, agile, and an enabler of innovation. It’s technically robust, yet its superpower is its business centricity. If you’re involved in building IT and business strategies, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with SAP BTP to see the big picture for digitalization with SAP solutions. Similarly, if...