Angular 9 New Features [Video]

Angular 9 New Features [Video]

Angular 9 New Features [Video]

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Angular 9 New Features [Video]: Learn effective strategies such as tree-shaking, code splitting, and progressive hydration with Angular 9

Angular is one of the most prominent and comprehensive open-source JavaScript frameworks for front-end development. Angular is built by Google and offers a perfect solution for creating Single-Page Applications (SPAs).

This course is your go-to guide to getting started with all the new features and improvements introduced in Angular 9. It covers all major new features, minor features, and patch releases in the latest Angular 9 release and simplifies the way you use Angular for your web development requirements.

The course will also cover the new Angular engine, Ivy, the code name for Angular’s next-generation compilation and rendering pipeline. You will understand how to make the best use of these new features practically in your front-end applications and work around deprecations, breaking changes, and code refactoring for your current Angular applications.

  • Build an Angular 9 app from scratch
  • Explore Ivy, Angular’s next-generation rendering pipeline and view engine
  • Compare an Angular 6 and 7 project with Angular 9
  • Upgrade an Angular 8 project to Angular 9
  • Analyze performance benchmarks
  • Examine tree-shaking, code splitting, and progressive hydration

By the end of the course, you will be up-to-speed with all new additions and changes in the latest release: Angular 9.


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